Ancient Games

On Wednesday the 21st June, three Primary Schools (All Saints, Healey and Heybrook) competed in an Ancient Games Competition. The schools competed in Mayan Basketball, Aboriginal Dodgeball and Egyptian tug of War. It was a fantastic fun filled  afternoon with some good competition. The tournament operated on a round robin competition, whereby each school played each other. The PE department have been working very closely with the schools to develop the pupils fundamental skills, there tactics and team spirit. This was identified on the day through positive comments that we received from both teachers and parents that supported the event on the day.

Congratulations to all teams for taking part and getting involved on what was a very hot humid day. Below is a table of the results.

School Year 6 & Year 4/5 Position
Heybrook 1st Winners 2nd Joint
All Saints 2nd Place 1st Winners
Healey 3rd Place 2nd Joint

A big thank you to everybody that helped out on the day to make this event possible. Special thanks go to Mrs Wystawnoha, the CEPA and the PE faculty.